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 The Church of the Faithful and Wise Servants (The CFWS) is a church that proclaims the truth about salvation and about what to do in this end time.

  • The Truth - Salvation is by Faith and Repentance, not by Faith only.
  • The End Time - The CFWS is not shy to talk about the end time and warns you about the coming events and what to do about it.
  • The Philadelphia Church - The CFWS will be one of the churches in the end time that embody the Philadelphia Church with its nature and purpose as depicted in the Book of Revelation.
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  • The true and complete gospel Many Christians believe that if you believe Jesus you will be saved. That is an incomplete gospel thus a wrong gospel that leads many to destruction. The True Gospel is this; If you believe Jesus Christ and repent then you will be saved to enter the Kingdom of God. And, that gospel is clearly stated in the bible in a complete sentence. (Read more. .)How to be born again


    If you really understand the true gospel, then you would realize how to be born again, but the misunderstanding about repentance led to confusion about being born again. Yes, you have to repent and believe to be born again but there is more specific instruction given by Jesus and it's a secret. It's a secret because it was hidden with a parable and not many people know it. In fact, I've never seen anybody speaking about it. (Read more..)

     Pre-Wrath Rapture


    Today, most of the Christians are not mindful of the coming event in the end time - The Great Tribulation - due to false doctrines about the timing of the rapture. They either believe the rapture will occur before the tribulation so the Christians don't have to worry about it (Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory),

    or the tribulation has passed already by A.D 70 so again the Christians don't have to worry about it (Amillennialism, Historicism), or the church has to go through the tribulation so we all must endure it (Post-Tribulation Rapture Theory). So, they either are not doing anything about the coming tribulation or they are preparing to meet it head on thus are in danger of being fully submerged in the Great Tribulation.


    In the great tribulation, many Christians will lose salvation because of torture, deception, and the need to sustain life for self and their family. You wouldn't want your beloved family members to go through the terrible torture and possibly lose salvation in the great tribulation, would you?

    However, as mentioned in Revelation 3:10, the great tribulation is a test given by God to test (the faith and loyalty of) the inhabitants of the Earth and if you don't need to be tested, you don't have to go through the great tribulation as promised to the Philadelphia Church in the Revelation. (Read more..)




  • The Church of The Faithful and Wise Servants (The CFWS) is a non-denominational church founded by Edward Sohn in 2014 in Richmond Hill Canada. 



    Philadelphia Church


    The CFWS will be one of the churches in the end time to embody the Philadelphia Church in the book of Revelation with its purpose and nature as described in the Bible. There are two main things about the Philadelphia Church. (Read more. .)



    Layman ministry


    Because the CFWS differs significantly from the established churches in doctrines, its ministers don't require the training and certification from the seminary established by existing church branches. Instead, church ministers will be carefully approved by whether he/she has been born again and anointed by God to be a church minister. In turn, the church ministers will have to ensure what they teach comply with the CFWS doctrines and will be carefully guided and nurtured by the parent church minister (i.e, the minister of the church from which the church minister branched out from).



    Independent cell churches


    Today many churches have cell groups but they remain a part of the main church. With the CFWS, the cell groups, when mutually agreed, are to be independent in its leadership, finance and operations. Therefore, the layman cell leaders will have chance to serve as church ministers and missionaries establishing churches around the world.



    Volunteer ministers


    All the church ministers will be volunteers to ensure the purity of the message and the ability of the church to branch out independent cell churches. 



  • Trinity We believe in 3 separate persons, God the father, Jesus Christ the son, and the Holy Spirit that constitute one God.  Salvation We believe that salvation is by Faith in Jesus Christ and repentance. "Faith in Jesus Christ" means believing that Jesus Christ is the son of God who was sent by God to atone for our sins. Repentance means turning away from sinful life to live a purposeful and holy life for God, and it includes turning away from disobedient sin of not accepting God's commission in life and to start following and obeying Jesus and accepting him as the Lord of one's life, denying self to live wholeheartedly for his Kingdom.



    Acts 20:21 I have declared to both Jews and Greeks that they must turn to God in repentance and have faith in our Lord Jesus.


    Being born again


    Being born again means to be born again as a child of God. Everyone grows up to be a child of Satan at first, meaning, they become a being who lives for this world, which is governed by Satan, with all of its worldly desires - greed, immorality, self importance, etc -. Their characters also get to resemble Satan to varying degrees - selfish, greedy, arrogant, lazy, cowardly, disobedient, quick-tempered, foul-mouthed etc, but when they meet God at some point in his life and learn his ways and decides to be a child of God, he can become a child of God with characters resembling Jesus - holy, meek, obedient, humble, brave, diligent, unselfish, etc, and lives for God's Kingdom and his purpose. That is being born again, not a superficial entitlement given when you just believe Jesus and you remain the same as the unbelievers as to how you behave and live. If the radical change as described above has occurred to you then chances are, you are born again; If not check if you are really born again. 


    So how do you become born again? Just as explained in "salvation" above, if you believe Jesus and repent, you get born again. However, misunderstanding of repentance led to confusion and not many people know how to be born again. (For more thorough explanation, refer to the article "How to be born again" in "What we teach" section.)


    Born again only once with no more chance for repentance if fallen back to corruption


    We belive that each person can be born again only once in a life time, and if he/she falls back from holiness and be entangled in sinful lifestyle again, there remains no more chance for him to repent and be broght back to the saved state. 


    This is a very crucial doctrine and truth for the born again Christians. We see so many well known servants of God fall to temptation and fall back to corruption because of lack of knowledge of this truth. Perhaps many Christians fall to temptation because they think they can always get back after enjoying sins for some time. They wouldn't have dared to flirt with temptation if they knew when they fall back from the born again state of holy lifestyle and get entangled in a sinful lifestyle again, there is no way for them to get back and be born again, again.


    But, at the same time, one should never give up getting back to God as long as he/she has breath. We just believe and teach this doctrine because it helps those who are already born again to not fall back and it's the truth found in the Bible. 


    Hebrews 6:

    It is impossible for those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, who have shared in the Holy Spirit, who have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the coming age and who have fallen[c] away, to be brought back to repentance. To their loss they are crucifying the Son of God all over again and subjecting him to public disgrace. Land that drinks in the rain often falling on it and that produces a crop useful to those for whom it is farmed receives the blessing of God. But land that produces thorns and thistles is worthless and is in danger of being cursed. In the end it will be burned.




    We believe in the doctrine of foreknowledge which asserts that God knew who would repent at one point in his life time using his own will and be born again as apposed to the doctrine of predestination which says that God chose which ones to be born again and would make him a believer to be saved according to his will, not by each person's own will. 


    1 Peter 1:

    who have been chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through the sanctifying work of the Spirit, to be obedient to Jesus Christ and sprinkled with his blood: Grace and peace be yours in abundance. 


     Pre-wrath Rapture


    We believe that Jesus Christ will return at the end of The Great Tribulation during which the antichrist will rule the world but before God's wrath when God will judge the whole world with fire. At the time when Jesus returns, those who died in Christ during The Great Tribulation will be resurrected first (The First Resurrection) to be gathered up to the sky to the Lord and then those who are alive will be caught up to the sky to meet the Lord (Rapture).

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  • Jan 22, 2015- The video message now available

    The video message, "The whole of the gospel, not just half - Edward Sohn" is now available in the Teachings->Video->Video messages about salvation section.

  • Website up and running

    The CFWS website is now up and running. 


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